I have been using T.O Studios for over a year now and what keeps me coming back is just the versatility of the space. Its a greatly decorated studio with interesting features that allows me to express my creativity. The studio has all the equipment I need and backdrops to create anything my heart desires. What I also love is that the studio has so much character to it that you are able to really create stunning images by just simply using the space itself rather then using a backdrop. I also find that the staff, interns and even the owner are really helpful and professional. My clients have truly loved coming T.O Studios and always look forward to returning there for future sessions. I have always said that it feels like “home” when I work there. I am never uncomfortable and for me that is most important to have a studio where you feel 100% comfortable in being yourself and just creating the best work you possibly can.

(Summer 2014)


Select samples of work done at T.O Studio: